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We're on this roller coaster ride, hold on I'll stay here by your side...

Great night last night! Went to O'Charleys with Allison, Kim, Alexa, Andrea, Terry, and Anthony. Haha our waiter was named Charley and me and Alexa guessed it and so we got free ice cream! Yay! Ohhh and when we prayed before eating some guy came up to us and said "Its great to see young people praying." and it made us all feel soo good lol. Well we had a great time there. Then we went to *Destin Commons*! First we went to Books a Million because we are SUCH book lovers! Hahaha spent like an hour in there. Read some interesting books... Well then walked around a lot then walked to Bass Pro shop to see the giant fish tank everyone was talking about. It was flipping awesome. Lol I felt so bad I accidentaly tapped the glass when i was in the domey part of the fish tank. Yeah. Okay. Well then, we went to the toy store haha and spent like 40 minutes in there just looking at random stuff. Then we went into this arty store it sells like furniture and art and jewelry and cool stuff and it was a really cool store. And then we went into brookstone. Afterwards while everyone else went to Sharper Image, Me Allison and Kim went to hats in the belfry to look for a special hat ;-). Haha. Then we saw CARA BAGWELL! and we were like OMG ITS CARA BAGWELL! and we took her and her friend SARAH PALMER and found the others and started yelling "OMG ITS CARA BAGWELL! ITS CARA BAGWELL!!!!!!!!!!!" hahahaha. Yeah. Hah Cara went up to a policeman and asked him for a hug. Haha she was just standing there tlkin to him for awhile, we thought he was gonna tell her about how hugging strangers could lead to rape or somethin lol. But he let her try on his hat haha! So she went up to another guy and hugged him. Haha and all the girls were doin the BeNd AnD SnAp! Then we went in that Metropolitan store (that is soo the greatest store ever!) and we looked at all the cool stuff. Then we went to baskin robbins and saw SaRaH workin! Haha me and Allison kept taking pictures of Sarah working. haha "ohh sarahs pouring syrup lets take a picture!" "oh sarahs peeling a banana lets take a picture!" and etc. Well then after that we went home. HAhaha had a lil dance competition in the car ;-) we all know, I won. Oh and I won the singing contest on the way there ;-). "Lonely, I'm so LONE LEEEEEEEEEE, I have no BOD EEEEEE, for my own OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Yeah well it was a great night.

Damnit though, i have a hangover. haha not really, I just woke up and I feel really sick. Can't go to michelles party, sorry michelle :-(. I guess I'll just read that DAMN hot zone all day.
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